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We write content for both online and offline projects. When you opt in for our custom writing services, it is not an individual but a team of experienced web content writers that you work with. Our one-of-a-kind team structure ensures that every written piece is reviewed several times, so that you receive a fine-tuned final draft written by a professional content writer that will surely surpass your expectations.

With hundreds of custom content projects in the bag, as a content writing company, Design Solutions USA, LLC has truly learned to do perfect what others do average. Backed by years of  writing experience, we have mastered the art of  technical writing, HR writing, SEO article writing, creating web content, real estate content, blog posts, and producing eBooks. We also extend our supplementary services of proofreading, online editing, and rewriting to all those clients who have per-written content.

Our phenomenal success in professional content writing services stands on the pillars of quality, professionalism, experience, and affordability. We fully respect intellectual property and take every step possible to ensure that the work delivered is completely free of plagiarism. Working with one of the best in the nation, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. Although rarely needed, we offer unlimited revisions to all our clients.

We provide our services on the basis of ‘work for hire’; therefore all rights are transferred to you upon the completion of the project. Your success is our milestone! When you hire web content writers of Design Solutions USA, LLC you are assured of high quality work with guaranteed achievement of your content writing objectives.


Technical Writing

Do you need technical writers or technical documentation? For customers with a wide range of needs from many different industries, we have a wide range of solutions. We can supply one writer or a team of writers. We can even take the project off your hands and drive it through development, writing, and editing to the finished product.

Content Management

Need a systematic approach to managing the mountains of content that your organization produces? Imagine all your content organized into a simple system that stores, retrieves, updates, and reuses information effortlessly, and without duplication. Content management allows for greater reuse of information in your documents and on your Web site.

Proofreading & Editing

Are your documents being published without adequate proofreading or editing? Do not consider your documents complete until one of our professionals reviews your content for focus, style, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage—and save yourself from embarrassment.

Setting aside enough time for the editing process will protect your project from being rushed toward the end, leaving you vulnerable to typos and clarity problems. Rushing to print can lead to costly revisions and reprints—especially when your information is highly technical. Let our team of professional proofreaders and editors take the worry out of publishing your content. We can work on-site or from our office to carefully scour your documents for all components of good writing.

Marketing Communications

Are you developing marketing materials that express a solid brand identity?

We create marketing materials that clearly convey the message you want to send. We are experts in copy writing, sales materials, Web content, press releases, and much more.

 Precisely Write creates copy using your company’s in-house style guides or creates for your company a unique style that defines your brand. Our approach conveys a solid, trust-building product identity. We create copy for external and internal audiences for a variety of media:

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Do you need professional writers for your Web content, business communications, training materials, or grant proposals?

We have writers experienced in a variety of styles and techniques who will deliver your message in a clear and consistent way—in your office or from ours.

Our professionals have a broad range of experience writing for individuals, corporations, government, and educational institutions. This experience makes us the one to choose whether you need copy for a brochure, content for your Web site, business writing, or extensive documentation of all your policies and procedures. We specialize in all of the following areas of writing:

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